We provide a range of stimulating activities for our children to get involved in, as well as encourage free play. All activities have a purpose and are planned to help children develop towards the Early Learning Goals (as defined by the Early Years Foundation Stage framework).

A typical day

9.00-10am - Free play/ next steps for key children/ outside play

10am-10.10am - Welcome circle, children to show and tell

9.15-10.15 - Rolling snack time

9.45-10.45am - Free play/ Outdoor Play/planned activities.   Next steps for key children

10.40-11.45 - Tidy up

11.50-12.00pm - Rhyme time/story/ lycra/rainbow song

12pm - Morning-only Children go home

12.00-1pm - Lunch/ quiet play

1pm - Morning + Lunch children go home

1.15-2.30 - free play/ planned activities/Listening games- Phonics. Outside play

2.35-2.40 - Tidy up

2.40-3.00 - Snack and story/ Singing

3.00pm - Home time

On Mondays we head over to the primary school to explore the outside space. We call this Muddy Mondays!

N.B.  We are open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  We are closed on Wednesdays.